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What is Spinprov?

Spinprov is an Improv Game Show where the player's fates are determined by the whims of the wheels. Two teams of Three will compete in two rounds by performing improv in front of a live audience.


In the both rounds, players will spin the 4 wheels which will give them their unique improv challenge. Then, they'll have 30 seconds to collect their costumes, props, and choose their lighting and musical direction before performing their skit.


After their performance, the Audience and hosts will vote on who won and who just wasn't able to spin the challenge in their favor. The winner of the first round will receive an advantage, and will go head to head with the remaining team in a spinprov challenge to see who will emerge victorious! The ultimate winning team will win a $400 cash prize and return in the next episode to try win again. The top teams over the course of the season will return for a final showdown for the ultimate prize of $2000 and the title of Spinprov Champions!


The Wheels

A Prize wheel or roulette wheel

In improv, the audience is usually asked for ideas. In Spinprov, we ask the wheels. Players will spin four wheels, and while the first three cover the basics of who, what and where, the fourth is the wildcard Curse Wheel.  From having to use certain costume pieces, to being unable to speak at all, the curse wheel is sure to cause mayhem.

Wanna see your idea on the wheel? Send in your ideas to us and, if they're used, you'll get a free ticket to a show to see your idea on the wheel. Suggestions can be submitted to Spinprov either through our Contact page, messaging us on our social media, or by emailing We look forward to hearing from you!


The Vote

Victory in Spinprov is determined by voting. Players are judged by their ability to incorporate the wheels' whims, costumes, and music with their improvisational talents. Then, the audience and the hosts will vote on who they think did the best. The audience has 50% of the vote, half from the online audience and half from the in house audience. Each of the hosts has 25% of the vote, and in the event of a tie, the third host, our Musical Accompanist, will make the critical tiebreaker vote.


In the first round, the team with the fewest votes will be eliminated, while the team with the most votes will receive an advantage to help them in the next round. In the second round, the vote will determine who is the overall winner of the night. 

A Thumbs Up

The Prizes


Each week the three teams will compete head to head, as determined by the vote of the audience and hosts. The winner of each night will get $400 divided up between their team members. The other teams will receive $20 plus t-shirt. Winning teams can continue their streak for up to two additional times, potentially winning $1200. 

The three teams with the most wins will return at the end of the season for an ultimate showdown, with a $2000 cash prize for the winning team, the title of Spinprov Champions and the Spinprov Trophy. The other teams will receive $300 as a consolation prize. 

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